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Student selection to Bachelor studies

Student selection in the Joint Application spring 2023

Savonia UAS is using the online entrance examination “International UAS Exam” to select students to Bachelor studies. “International UAS Exam” is a joint digital entrance exam of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).

International UAS Exam consists of two phases:

  1. First phase – written exam on 8 February 2023
  2. Second phase – group interview between 1- 15 March 2023

In the entrance examination, the applicants’ readiness for UAS studies are assessed. The entrance exam does not include any advance reading materials or pre-assignments.

More detailed information on the International UAS Exam can be found at UASinfo-website.

Savonia UAS does not require Finnish / Swedish language skills from applicants. Those who become students of Savonia UAS are offered Finnish language courses during their studies.

In addition, Savonia UAS does not require a separate English language test (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL) from applicants. Applicant’s English language skills are tested during the entrance exam.

Savonia UAS does not accept SAT as a basis of student selection, and therefore it is not possible to apply by using SAT score.

Study places available in 2023

Savonia UAS offers 5 Bachelor degree programmes in the Joint Application to Higher Education spring 2023 and the number of study places available are:

  • International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration: 30
  • Information Technology (Internet of Things), Bachelor of Engineering: 30
  • Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering: 30
  • Industrial Management, Bachelor of Engineering: 30
  • Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Health Care: 25

Individual arrangements for entrance examination

If, due to disability, disease, dyslexia or some other specific reason, you need individual arrangements during the International UAS Exam, you have to fill in a written request for individual arrangements. Individual arrangement can be e.g. additional time, tasks without pictures for possibility to use a screen reader. Please attach a medical certificate or other equivalent attestation on the nature of your disability or disease. The applicants’ situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Submit the application for the individual arrangements and necessary attachments by 25 January 2023 at 3:00 pm Finnish time to Savonia UAS Admission Services (admissions@savonia.fi).

You will find more detailed information on applying individual arrangements for the International UAS entrance exam and the application form from UASinfo -website.

Savonia UAS will notify you well before the entrance examination to which individual arrangements you are entitled.

If you have any questions related to applying, please contact the Admission services.

Savonia UAS Admission services

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