Study Guide


The competence-based curricula of Savonia consist of two parts: the general information and the specific contents of course descriptions. The general part includes the basis of education, competence standards, structure of studies, development of expertise, methods of implementation and table of courses. You can access the specific contents, ie course descriptions, by clicking on the course codes on the course table. It is good to study your degree programme's curriculum before starting your studies. You can find it below.

The curriculum comes with a course plan, which describes in more detail what a student is required to do to pass the course. Each lecturer presents a course plan when his/her course starts and uploads the plan on the learning environment Moodle. In addition to the requirements, the course plan informs the contents, objectives, timing, extent and student workload, assessment criteria and the plan for processing course feedback given by the students.

Curricula starting in 2022 and earlier

Technology, Kuopio
Technology, Varkaus
Design, Kuopio
Business, Kuopio
Music and Dance, Kuopio
Tourism and Hospitality
Social Services and Health Care, Kuopio
Social Services and Health Care, Iisalmi
Natural resources, Iisalmi
Multidisciplinary Studies

Savonia's new Study Guide (curriculum starting in 2023 and after) can be found here.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.