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Degree Programme in Social Services

This curriculum is a translation of the curriculum of the Finnish degree program.

Methods and implementation

Savonia UAS provides education which is guided by OIS-thinking (Open Innovation Space). The objective is to combine high-quality learning and teaching with working -life -oriented research and development work. Students, teachers and RDI staff from different fields and working-life representatives together solve problems arising from practical work. OIS is a physical, social and virtual learning, research and development environment.

Study methods emphasise collaboration and being self-directed as required in social field professions. Exploratory learning is the underlying principle in the studies. When drafting the personal study and career plan (PSP), recognition of prior learning is part of this process. Various working-life based projects as well as practical training periods and guided and supervised internship in different work communities and thesis make the studies individualized. The student can take part of the studies abroad and choose internationalisation studies at his or her own school.

Some courses are partly or fully web-based and the Moodle learning environment is also used in the working-life community to organise expert lectures and supervise internship. The material, instructions and forms to guide and support studying can also be found in Moodle. Instructions on the use of the learning environment will be provided at the beginning of the studies. The development of multi-professionalism is supported by organising part of the studies together with students in different degree programmes at Savonia UAS.

At Savonia UAS the teaching staff provide learning opportunities and create possibilities to enhance learning in different learning environments. The Student Services Office, the Library and Information Services, the International Services and other supportive services help students in their studies. The studies are based on the principles of accessibility and sustainable development.

Internationalisation is part of studies. The student has an opportunity to learn internationality at different stages of the studies and improve his or her cultural competence. The student is required to complete at least 5 ECTS credits of studies in a foreign language (excluding language studies). The student can improve intercultural skills also by acting as a peer tutor student and help exchange students and by working e.g. in immigrant communities. The student can also choose international path studies, 60 ECTS, by taking 5-10 ECTS credits of the social services studies in English (Multicultural Work, SSMOKT, 5 ECTS and an alternative course, 5 ECTS, in English), by doing an internship abroad to develop professional skills and competence, 30 ECTS, and 20 ECTS credits of joint social and health care studies in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nursing.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.