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DA20SP Degree Programme in Design

This curriculum is a translation of the curriculum of the Finnish degree program.

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Curriculum responsibility: Sari Mokkila-Karttunen

Basis of Education

The degree program in Design leads to a university of applied sciences degree in the field of culture, the degree title is Bachelor of Design. The scope of the studies is 240 credits and the duration is 4 years. The skills produced by the degree correspond to the level of higher education defined jointly in the European Union, which enables the movement of labor and experts.

The designer’s handprint is visible everywhere. The future needs new design, bold product ideas and service innovations. The designer masters the design process, visual expression, and different manufacturing techniques. In addition to this, design education teaches the importance of sustainable development and business as part of the designer's work.

Combination of theory and practice

Studying design is a practical job in design studio projects. The student develops his design skills, dares to try and learns new solutions in multidisciplinary work life projects.

The tasks of a designer are diverse, including the design of products, services, processes and interaction situations. The designer's work emphasizes customer understanding, initiative, vision and future-oriented thinking.

A designer (Bachelor of Design) is a wide-ranging expert in design and creative design.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.