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Course Description

NameMaturity Test
Credits0 ects
Objectives- write the maturity test showing expertise in the field of his/her studies and proficiency in communication and language skills
- discuss the maturity test assignment in a logical manner, showing professional competence and with relevance to the assignmnet questions
- summarise his/her thesis and focus on the essential concepts, facts and findings
- write a professional text in the appropriate style and without grammar mistakes.
ContentEnrolling to and writing the maturity test.
RequirementsThe thesis supervisor prepares maturity test questions on the student's thesis content. The student answers the question(s) of his/her choice.
Grading ScalePassed (S) - 0
Course materialThe student is not allowed to bring any material to the examination room. The maturity test comprises about four pages of text written by the student or 400-600 word. The student can spend up to three hours (3x60 min) on the test.
PrerequisitesCompletion of LIONT50 Thesis Project 1 and LIONT60 Thesis Project 2.
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