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Course Description

Code4 STYTY01
NameWorking Life Skills, Wellfare in Work and Entrepreneuship
Credits5 ects
Objectivesstudent is able to
-explain the main principles of management and financial planning in the social and health care field
-work as a team member
-describe the factors influencing occupational well-being
-explain the most important employment legislation in the service sector and the collective agreements in the social and health care sector affecting the employee
-seek possibilities to provide health and social services in the private and third sectors within the limits of the legislation
-market his or her own expertise and the services of his or her work community
ContentThe concepts of management and organisation. Human resource management. Employment in the service sector and related contracts and legislation. Occupational well-being. Work community skills. Team work skills. Entrepreneurship in the social and health care sector. Service design, cost accounting, pricing, budgeting. Marketing thinking and methods in the work community.
RequirementsThis is an online course, material can be found in Moodle
- Contact teaching option is possible
- Independent studying
- Accepted completion of individual and group assignments, passed exams.
- A graded final exam/assessed individual assignment
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialto be announced at the beginning of the course. Material in Moodle.
PrerequisitesPrerequisites: This course can be taken when the student has gained a good understanding of the social and health care environment and of his or her own work, mainly after the second academic year. The course can be taken during the summer semester or as targeted studies to a certain student group.
Other Considerations
ContactLaitinen Kaija


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.