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Course Description

Code4 ETN0140
NameCyberOps Associate
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe course is based on the Cisco Network Academy CCNA Cybersecurity Operations material in English. After the training, the student will understand the key concepts related to information security and cyber attacks. The student is able to monitor, detect and analyze cyber attacks and react to them in the right way.
ContentRole of Cybersecurity Operations Analyst
Operating Systems features needed to support cybersecurity analyses
Operation of network infrastructure and the various network attacks
Operation of network protocols and services
Monitoring tools to identify attacks
Various methods to prevent malicious access to computer hosts and data
Impacts of cryptography on network security monitoring
How to investigate and evaluate endpoint vulnerabilities and network security alerts
Virtual machines to implement, evaluate, and analyze cybersecurity threat events
Network intrusion data to identify compromised hosts and vulnerabilities
Incident response model (CSIRSTs and NIST) to manage security incidents.
RequirementsThe course includes theory and laboratory exercises as well as independent assignments. Laboratory exercises are performed in accordance with the CCNA course-related exercise material in a computer network laboratory with the right equipment and Packet Tracer simulator software.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialCisco Network Academy -materiaali
Material to be distributed during teaching.
PrerequisitesComputer Networks 1 (CCNA 1), Computer Networks 1 (CCNA 2)
Other Considerations
ContactPitkänen Veijo


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.