Long-term housing for students

Before moving to Finland, it is good to know a few basic things about housing. Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences do not offer dormitory accommodation. In the three campus cities of Savonia UAS, student housing is located about 0,5-8 kilometers from the campus. All the housing options are located along public transportation routes. When applying for accommodation, please consider the following points:

  • Apartments are rented on a monthly basis; if you arrive in the middle or towards the end of the month, you still need to pay the rent for the whole month.
  • Availability of apartments vary depending on the time of the year. Usually there are more vacant apartments during spring and summer.
  • It can be difficult to rent an apartment half a year in advance. For example, if you want to rent an apartment from August onwards, you might not get an offer before June-July.
  • If you have a child/children who needs daycare/school placement, you need an address in the city you are going to be studying in before you can apply for the daycare/school placement.
  • If you purchase travel tickets before you have secured accommodations, be prepared to arrange short-term accommodation for your arrival!

NOTE! Savonia does not offer arrival services, ie. pick-up from airport/train or bus station, key delivery, or transportation. Make sure that you arrive in the daytime so that you can pick up your apartment keys during office hours (check the office hours from the housing companies’ information below). If you arrive outside office hours, be prepared to stay in hotel/hostel accommodation until you can get the keys to your apartment.

In Kuopio


KUOPAS is a company owned by the City of Kuopio and provides accommodation for students and their families (spouses and children) in the Kuopio area. Kuopas has 30 apartment buildings around the town situated 0.5 – 8 km from the city centre. They offer also some furnished apartments.

Visiting address: Torikatu 15, Kuopio
Tel: +358 (0)20 710 9740

Office hours: Mon – Fri 12-15 (first working day of the month 12-15:30)


How to apply?

In order to apply for a Kuopas room or an apartment fill in the application form online: www.kuopas.fi

Kuopas’ guide for exchange and international degree students


Tekman Tuki association rents rooms and apartments for all Savonia students.

Visiting address: Retkeilijäntie 1 D 2, Kuopio
Tel. +358 (0)17 282 2831

Office hours: Mon-Fri 11-15


How to apply?

In order to apply for a Tekman room or an apartment fill in the application form on the Internet: https://www.tekman.fi/
Rooms and apartments are situated in the areas of Puijonlaakso and Männistö, both close to the town centre. Most apartments are designed for two to three students who share a kitchen and a bathroom. There are also apartments for couples and families. All rooms are rented without furniture.

How to get my keys?

In case you arrive to Kuopio during the opening hours of Kuopas / Tekman office, you can collect your keys from Kuopas / Tekman office. In case you arrive outside the office hours, you can check the short-term accommodation options in Kuopio. Please inform your arrival date by filling in the arrival form stated in your welcome email from Savonia.

In Varkaus

Students and their families (spouse and/or children) arriving in Varkaus should ask about the accommodation from the housing company Wartalo Kodit and apply for a room/apartment after they have been granted a residence permit/visa to Finland. You can fill in the application form online at http://www.wartalo.fi.

Visiting address: Antinpuisto 8, Varkaus
Tel. 010 421 5712

Office hours: Mon-Fri 8-16


There are also privately rented apartments available in Varkaus.

In Iisalmi

Exchange students can apply for housing at the Petterinkulma Apartments. The rooms are furnished. Contact the International Coordinator of the Iisalmi campus for application instructions.

Short-term housing

List of short-term housing options in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus

Furniture & household items

In case you need to purchase furniture or kitchen ware, you can utilize e.g. the local flea markets or facebook groups e.g.

KISA Student Marketplace facebook group

Kirpparilla.fi flea market, Leväsentie 2

Kontti second had store, Leväsentie 2 (furniture home delivery possible for a fee)

Elävä kauppa flea market, Teollisuuskatu 1 (furniture home delivery possible for a fee)

City Pörssi flea market, Kauppakatu 36