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Student union and student benefits

Join the student union SAVOTTA

Student life at Savonia UAS is not just studying! Savonia’s student union SAVOTTA, student associations, SYKETTÄ Sports Services, and a variety of events are sure to keep the everyday life interesting. The primary task of the student union is to monitor the interests of all Savonia students and to elect student representatives to the university of applied science’s governing bodies. The goal of our activities and services is to make your student life easier, cheaper, and more fun.

Joining the student union

According to the University of Applied Sciences Act, all full-time students can join the student union. You can become a member of the student union by paying the student union membership fee. The membership fee is paid either in the online store of the student union or with cash/payment cards at the Microkadu campus service point. After paying the membership fee via the online store, you can claim the validity sticker on your student card at your campus service point. When you pay the membership fee at the Microkadu campus service point, you will receive a validity sticker immediately on your student card.

As a member of the student union, you get a national UAS student card, which entitles you to all local and national student discounts. To get the discounts, you need to have a validity sticker on your student card.

Before paying the student union membership fee, please  give permission to the transfer of your information from Savonia to the student union. By granting a data transfer permit, you ensure that you are able to join the student union and receive a large number of student benefits. Please give the permission to transfer your data from this link: datatransferpermit22

You will receive a notification in your Savonia email when your data has been transferred. Only after this you can pay your membership fee in the online store.

Pathway students cannot become members of SAVOTTA.

More about the student union:

Student associations

Several student associations operate on Savonia University of Applied Sciences’ campuses and educational units. The task of the associations is to serve students, e.g. in student card matters and offer students various benefits and events in cooperation with the student union. The student associations will tell you more about becoming a member after the start of the academic year.

Student card and benefits

Student card

All degree students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (bachelor and master level) receive a free student card, which is ordered after the card photo shoot organized at the beginning of the academic year. This student card works as an ID card in Savonia’s premises, as a log-in card fir the printers, and as a key for the lockers.

The student card you get from Savonia becomes an official UAS student card valid throughout Finland when you become a member of the student union. You can become a member by paying a membership fee to the student union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences. After paying the membership fee, you can get a validity sticker on your card from the student union cafe or campus service points.

Mobile student card

As a member of the student union, you can download the PIVO mobile student card on your phone. You can download the mobile student card after you have picked up the validity sticker on your plastic student card.

If you need to use the mobile student card, e.g. because of a travel benefit, before getting a plastic card, you must inform the student union about this. See more detailed instructions regarding the mobile student card on the website of the student union.

Student benefits and discounts

With this official student card, you get access to all national and local student benefits and discounts negotiated by the student union. Members of the student union also benefit from their membership in student union events and student union cafeterias, as well as in many other valuable ways.

It is also wise to show the card in museums, theaters, swimming halls or other places that sell student-priced tickets. It’s always worth asking for a student discount. See more about student discounts and benefits, e.g. from city-specific student websites.

For more information, e.g. about the student card, payment of the membership fee and student benefits, visit the student union’s website.

Meal subsidy and dining on campuses

As a UAS student, you are entitled to student-priced meal in restaurants that are covered by the meal subsidy. In these restaurants, the maximum price for a meal is set by the state. The restaurant owner has deducted the meal subsidy from the maximum price of the meal, which means the amount of the subsidy is deducted from the amount you pay for your meal. You get the benefit by presenting a Kela meal subsidy card, a valid UAS student card, a PIVO mobile meal subsidy card, or a PIVO mobile student card when dining in the student restaurants that are covered by Kela’s meal subsidy.