Tutor trainees listening to tutor training.

Orientation and tutors

Orientation for degree students

NOTE! Your study right starts August 1st, but your studies start August 28th (Bachelor of Health Care) or September 2nd (other Bachelor’s degrees)!

The studies will start with an orientation programme. In the orientation you will get to know Savonia, your studies, practicalities, and of course the other students in your group. The orientation programme has been especially planned to help you cope with the flow of new information in the beginning of your studies. It is vital that you participate in the orientation days.

Each degree programme has a teacher tutor and a study counsellor. They will provide assistance in academic and study related issues, especially for degree students from the start of the studies – you will meet them during your orientation day.

Please note, that teacher tutors and study counsellors are on a summer break starting from June until the beginning of August.

Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology (Internet of Things)

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management

Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Master of Health Care, Digital Health and Master of Business Administration, Digital Health

  • Your contact persons are lecturer Liisa Klemola liisa.klemola@savonia.fi and lecturer Elisa Snicker elisa.snicker@savonia.fi
  • Studies will start on Friday 6 September 2024 online. More detailed information about the orientation will be sent to the students by e-mail in August.

International Coordinators and Orientation for Exchange Students

Each study field has an International Coordinator who helps international exchange students in their study related issues such as Learning Agreements.

The orientation days for exchange students of the Autumn 2024 are August 29 – 30, 2024, and for the Spring semester 2025 January 7th, 2025. It is highly recommended to participate the orientation, as it is an easy way to gain information regarding the practicalities and academic issues before the start of the courses. The course enrollments will be also made during the orientation days.

Student Tutors

Savonia student tutors will be helping you especially at the beginning of your stay. Your tutor will greet you when you arrive to the campus. Student tutors are valuable sources of information in questions related to student life at Savonia.