Health screening

for students of health care and natural resources

Health requirements

In order to take part in a traineeship period in the study fields of health care, natural resources or social services, you need to be physically healthy and have proper vaccination coverage. If your vaccinations and necessary tests are not in order, you will not be able to start your internship in Finland. If you need some needed vaccinations, you have to pay for them yourself. You cannot start your internship until the immunization has formed.

If you are coming from a country with high insidence in tuberculosis, you are recommended to be screened for tuberculosis. These tuberculosis tests are taken by the Kuopio / Iisalmi health care centers.  It takes about 2 weeks to get results and you cannot start your practical traineeship before getting the results.

Screening for health care students in Kuopio

Before starting your clinical traineeship in Savonia, you have to:

  1. submit the certification-of-health-screening-and-immunization form to the International Coordinator of School of Health Care Kuopio 2 weeks before your arrival. Documents should be translated in English and attached to original documents.
  2. book an appointment for health screening at the local health care center in Kuopio for your 1st week in Finland. You can book the appointment as soon as you know your address in Kuopio. To book the appointment for health screening, call your closest health care center of your student apartment (usually the main health care center at Tulliportinkatu 15, wing I). You can find the phone number of your health care team by writing your address in Kuopio in the “Appointment seach” box.

For more information: International Coordinator / School of Health Care, Kuopio: Ms Marja Gröhn-Rissanen,

Screening for social services & natural resources students in Iisalmi

Book an appoint for health screening at the local health care center in Iisalmi for your 1st week in Finland:

More information about the health screening arrangements at Iisalmi campus, please contact the International Coordinator of the School of Health Care and Social Services, Iisalmi: Ms Hannele Tams,