Services for immigrants

Personal guidance: SIMHE

SIMHE services means Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education. You may book a time for a personal guidance discussion in which we go through your previous studies and what kind of hopes and ideas you have for your future education and career.  Consider the following topics before coming to the discussion:

  • What have you studied before and what are your skills and competences?
  • Are you interested in supplementing your previous studies for example by taking courses via Open university?
  • Do you plan to start studies in higher education for the first time, or do you wish to enter in a totally new field of study?
  • What are your career plans?
  • How is your life in general in relation to continuing or starting studies?

Finnish courses

Place: online
Length: approx 2 months / credit
How to apply: you can apply online
Extend: one course equals to 5 credits
Price: Free of charge

The courses are part of Savonia UAS Open University curricula. If you are a degree student, please ask from your tutor teacher for advice.


After the courses you will be able to speak and write Finnish language in your professional contexts. You can also search for and pass on information in Finnish. You can use complex structures and produce fluent Finnish language. In addition you can express your opinions. You can pronounce Finnish in a clear manner and you have the capabilities to develop your language skills independently.

Study modes

You can complete the courses online. Oral courses include obligatory Zoom meetings daytime. It is possible to combine working, family life and studying independently. In case agreed with the employment office you can also study while being unemployed. Finnish studies are usually considered as part-time studies.

How to apply?

In case you are not a degree student but working / unemployed / on parental leave etc. or a current student of Open UAS, you can apply through Koulutuskalenteri in Savonia Open UAS.

In case you are a student of the Campus Online, you can apply through CampusOnline.
The courses are free of charge for CampusOnline students (excluding a few courses such as the oral Finnish language course B2 level). All the Finnish courses are free of charge for everyone.

  • Finnish 1 | Finnish for beginners in English, level 0 – A1.3, 5 cr
  • Työelämän suomi | Working Life Finnish, level B1.1, 5 cr
  • Kirjallinen suomen kieli | Written Finnish, level B1.2, 5 cr
  • Kirjallinen suomen kieli | Written Finnish, level B2, 5 cr
  • Kirjallinen suomen kieli | Written Finnish, level C1, 5 cr
  • Sairaanhoitajan suomi | Finnish for Nurses, level B2, 5 cr
  • Suullinen suomen kieli | Oral Finnish, level B2, 5 cr
  • Opiskelijan suomi | Student’s Finnish, level A2.2, 5 cr
  • Asiakirjoittajan suomi | Finnish for Informational Writing, level B2.2, 5 cr
  • Kielikahvila verkossa | Online Language Café, level B1, 2 cr

Preparatory courses

The aim of the preparatory education is that the student acquires the ability to apply to higher education in Finland and succeed in his or her studies. The aim of the training is to develop the skills needed in university studies as well as in entrance examinations. In addition, the goal is to develop Finnish language skills from proficiency level B1 to level B2.

  • 30 credits, 6 months
  • October – April
  • daily online lectures (daytime) and independent studying
  • free of charge (always)
  • includes courses in Finnish language, English language and mathematics
  • minimum of level B1 in Finnish as well as higher education eligibility is required
  • Application: August – September in
  • Korkeakouluopintoihin valmentava koulutus maahanmuuttajille | Only in Finnish
  • Questions regarding this preparatory program: