Time to clean up digital waste! Take part in Digital Cleanup Day

Digital Cleanup Day (March 16) is a day dedicated to tidying up our digital environment. The goal of this day is to raise awareness about digital pollution and encourage individuals and businesses to reduce digital waste.

Organized annually by the Let’s Do It World civic organization, Digital Cleanup Day aims to make a global impact by promoting responsible digital practices. Let’s all participate and declutter our digital space! More information here.

What is digital waste?

Digital waste includes, for example:

  • Unnecessarily stored emails or backups,
  • Outdated files and documents, and
  • Duplicate photos and videos

Why should you clean up digital waste?

  • Helps reduce CO2 emissions
  • Extends the lifespan of devices
  • Speeds up and simplifies information sharing and retrieval
  • Reduces security risks associated with data storage
  • Increases capacity and lowers costs

How to participate?

  • Empty unnecessary content from your smartphone.
  • Clean up your computer’s hard drive.
  • Clear out your email inbox.
  • Adopt sustainable digital practices.