Gerly Matihaldi – Savonia BBA alumni

My name is Gerly Matihaldi and I studied the Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business programme at Savonia University of Applied Sciences from 2015-2018. During my studies, I was lucky to find an internship placement in a local creative marketing agency. During my professional internship, I was hired as a Project Manager.

Since I was an older student, I had already gathered quite a long working history in clothing retail before applying to this programme. Regardless, I wanted to learn and know more. Also, living in a foreign country, one of my goals was to get the full experience – and I knew this was my chance. During my studies, I gained vital knowledge about business and found a passion for entrepreneurship. Above all, Savonia taught me to be confident about my skills and I learned how to use different learnings in a practical manner.

One of the bigger surprises I had was realising how hard it is to compete with other people for various positions. Because of this, you need to know what to focus on during your studies and select the elective courses that support your goals accordingly. With this degree, you can focus on many things in any company. Thus, after graduation you can find yourself occupying positions ranging from HR manager to account executive, business controller or marketing coordinator. During my studies, I was focused on marketing. Currently, I wear the title of Marketing Coordinator in a local international company. 

Today, I practice what I learnt in Savonia. This programme gave me an excellent base for the skills I have and gave me numerous possibilities to prove to myself that I can do anything – I just need to try. I would definitely recommend Savonia to future students who see value in education, long-lasting relationships, and want to make a difference in their lives.

Picture of Gerly Matihaldi. Savonia alumni.

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