Savonia Article: Finnish Higher Education and Society from the Perspective of International Degree Students

The LEARNING to live and work together project of five European universities examined the types of support for international higher education students and whether those are enough to integrate students into a new society and higher education.

In the review written only in Finnish in Savonia Articles, we present the results of the survey and reflect them in relation to the results of the International Student Barometer study and the educational administration statistics on the employment of international degree students.In addition, we look at the Finnish Government’s policies on supporting internationalism.

Our goal is to evoke ideas about how the current state and target state could meet better both in integration to society and in employment. According to previous research, universities have failed to adequately support international degree students.

The review also presents international degree students’ own, concrete proposals for improvement in the forms for support. The personal contacts of international degree students were significant in our review.

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Katri Huuskola, Senior lecturer

Kukka-Maaria Raatikainen, Senior lecturer

Savonia UAS