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Savonia Article: Enhancing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Education in Asia with Simulation pedagogy

Introduction Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) pose a significant risk to patient safety worldwide, particularly in developing countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, where they contribute to increased morbidity and mortality (Ling et al. 2015; Phu et al. 2016). To address this issue, it is important to provide the Asian nurses and nursing students with evidence-based
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Savonia Article: First time in Hanoi

We had the opportunity to visit Hanoi from May 2 to May 13, 2023 as part of the eCCo project. The visit was hosted by Hanoi National University of Education. Special thanks to the local university staff for their hospitality, kindness, and practical arrangements for the visit. The whole visit was filled with a
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Savonia Article: Impact of Telehealth on healthcare resource utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects on global health, resulting in a crisis with unparalleled economic, social, and public health implications. To counter the spread of the virus, many countries have implemented various measures, including Finland, which has taken steps such as enforcing social distancing, travel restrictions, and limits on public gatherings. Additionally,

Savonia Article: Analyzing wearable device in eldery care

The human population is aging rapidly. The World Health Organization estimates that there were 1 billion persons over the age of 60 in 2019 and by the end of 2030, there will be 1,4 billion and 2,1 billion by 2050. As people age, immune system functionality decreases which may result in sudden death or