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Course Description

Name Learning and Open Learning Environments
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student is able to
- Identify the theories and concepts of information processing and learning that underlie the process of studying
- Understand differences between everyday thinking and scientific knowledge
- Describe the significance of lifelong learning in human life course and the field of social work
- Assess and reflect his or her own learning and describe his or her own goal-oriented studying as a specific stage of life
- Assess and develop his or her skills and competence, study skills and learning styles
- Interact and communicate properly in peer learning contexts and utilize the group to support his or her own learning
- Understand the process of professional growth in developing professional identity and expertise
- Work in various learning situations and environments
Content- Exploratory learning
- Modern teaching methods and open learning environments
- Theories of information processing and learning, everyday thinking and scientific knowledge
- Learning how to learn and learning strategies and styles at a university of applied sciences
- Metacognition and reflection
- Lifelong learning, transfer and reflective approach and managing one’s own learning
- Collaborative learning and the significance of learning from peers
- Development of skills and competence in the degree programme of Social Services
- Personal plan on gaining skills and competence (personal study and career plan discussions)
RequirementsAssignments, collaborative exercises, workshops, self- and peer-assessment.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course material
Other Considerations
ContactTuovinen Marjaana


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