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TYGL21SY Master's Degree Programme in Global Public Health

Development of Expertise

Master programmes’s curricula are composed of courses. They are not unconnected; rather they support the overall progress of the student and his/her development of expertise. At the same time, it makes possible the connecting of teaching and research- development- and innovation work originating from work life. Today’s professionals move from one position to another within the organisations and between organisations. This emphasises the many-sided competences and capabilities. Also the professionals must react to changing public health challenges and environments e.g. the work of public health expertise takes place from international and national public health organisations to primary care.

The theory and the practical assignments are combined with the studies.

Curriculum of degree programme in Global Public Health has been drawn up, so that
- the degree produces the degree of competence required in work life
- the education ensures the development of the student’s expertise
- the education enhances lifelong learning

The student
- draws up to support his/her studies an individual study plan in which earlier acquired competence is identified
- is responsible for the progression of his/her studies.

The programme teachers and other personnel facilitate and support in the defining and achieving of individual goals. The students begin already at the early stages of their studies the planning of their thesis. The thesis is supported with virtual courses in the methods of developing work life.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.