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Multidisciplinary Studies
Basis of Education Competence Standards Structure of Studies Development of Expertise Methods and implementation Course Table

TYGL21SY Master's Degree Programme in Global Public Health

Course Table

A = Autumn, S = Spring, SU = Summer
Code Name 1 A 1 S 2 A 2 S 3 A 3 S
Advanced Professional Studies
Specialised Professional Studies
4 TYGPH10 Essentials of Global Public Health 5          
4 TYGPH20 Digital Health   5        
4 TYGPH30 Sustainable Health Economy 5          
4 TYGPH70 Global Public Health Law and Ethics     5      
4 TYGPH80 Epidemiology and Health Data Analytics   5        
4 TYGPH90 Universal Health Coverage     5      
Elective studies, master level
Elective Professional Studies
4 TYGEL10 Life Sciences genes, basics of molecular biology       5    
4 TYGEL20 Global health rehabilitation     5      
4 TYGEL30 Basis of Human Security 5          
4 TYGEL40 One Health, Nutrition, Sustainability     5      
4 TYGEL50 Knowledge-based Systems   5        
4 TYGEL60 Logistics and Cross-Border Health Care       5    
4 TYGEL70 Gender Equity in Public Health 5          
4 TYGEL80 Communicable diseases and Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)   5        
4 TYGEL90 Health Forecast - future causes of death     5      
4 TYGEL100 Intensive course biennially organised twice a year (summer or winter school) 5 (NonStop)
Final Thesis
4 SAVMONT Thesis       30    
   5 SAVMONT50  Research Methods and Academic Writing 5          
   5 SAVMONT250  Thesis Implementation   25        


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.