Library fees

You can pay online in Savonia-Finna fees related to borrowing services.

Overdue fines (students and other customers)
  • Loans with a loan period of 3- 28 days: 0,40 € / loan / working day: Max 8 €/ item.
  • Reference collection: 1 € / loan / day. Max 8 €/ item.
  • Uncollected reservation 1 €/ item.
  • Lending is not allowed if you have unpaid charges for 10 € or more.
  • Shelf fetch service fee when book is available at your own campus library 1 €/ item.
  • Overdue fines are invoiced with an invoice fee of 10€.
Damaged / lost items or materials that are overdue more than 30 days
  • Lost / damaged or items that are more than 30 days late must be paid.
  • Replacement charge is 50 €. More expensive item must be paid according to their actual acquisition price.
  • Replacement charge is not charged in case the customer returns the invoiced item or brings a corresponding new item to replace the lost/damaged item.
  • Audiovisual material replacement charge is the replacement charge (min. 50 €) including borrowing and presentation rights.
  • Unpaid fees are subject to debt collection. Items that are subject to debt collection cannot be returned or paid to the library. Handling charges (6 €/item or max. 60 €) are added.
Interlibrary loans
Interlibrary loans and article copies related to Savonia students’ studies
  • Book loans or article photocopy from the Repository Library are free of charge. Interlibrary loans from other Finnish libraries 5 €/item.
  • Students who are writing thesis: 5 interlibrary loan or article copies for free from other finnish libraries.
  • If ordered from foreign country the fee is determined by sender; added 5€.

Interlibrary loans and article copies related to Savonia staff’s work

  • Free of charge from Finnish libraries
  • If ordered from foreign country the fee is determined by sender; added 5€.
Customers outside the Savonia
  • Repository library 5 €/item, other national libraries 20 €/item,
  • No international loans

Uncollected items are invoiced according to the price list.

Other libraries

  • 10 €/loan or article copy (free of charge for other UAS libraries).

Valid from 1.10.2021 at the Savonia UAS library.

Approved on 22.9.2021; President / CEO Mervi Vidgrén, Savonia UAS