Practical traineeships in health care in Kuopio

Below you can find the steps you need to take in order to apply and complete a practical traineeship during your exchange period at the School of Health Care and Social Services in Kuopio.

How to apply?

In order to apply for a practical traineeship in the area of health care, your first step is to take send your motivation letter to international coordinator of School of Health Care of your campus:

Kuopio campus: Ms Marja Gröhn-Rissanen (

Include in your motivation letter:

  • your study program
  • your plans for the content of the exchange? Theoretical studies or / and clinical practice? How many ECTS each?
    See our courses taught in English in SavoniaUAS in your own study area
  • timing of your exchange *
  • your previous clinical experiences and  wishes to be achieved in Finland?
  • your photo

*) Notice you have to come to Savonia for Health check up and orientation one week before the practice starts.

The number of traineeship placements is limited, so unfortunately we cannot offer placements for all applicants.

After Savonia has found a traineeship placement for you, your International Coordinator will contact you and you can then finish the application process by registering yourself to Savonia at the Mobility-Online application system

  • by 31 March (for autumn semester) or
  • by 30 Sept (for spring semester).

How to apply through Mobility-Online

Preparations for clinical practise

Health screening

Prior to your arrival to Finland, you need to

Only after these steps you can start your traineeship period.


Bring your criminal records along

Those who intend to work with children during their traineeship need to present their criminal records. Bring this document with you to Finland. Clinical tutor will check your criminal records before the start of the traineeship.

Arrival arrangements

Study the general instructions related to your arrival such as housing, arrival instructions, residence permits, orientation days etc:

Meet your supervisors

During the first week make an appoinment with:

  • International Coordinator, Marja Gröhn-Rissanen;  +358 44 785 6407
  • mentoring teacher (you find your teachers in the summary list of all incoming student)
  • clinical tutor (e.g. at the Kuopio University Hospital if you star your traineeship period there).

Fill in the workshift form

  • Fill the workshift form for every placement.
  • The workshift schedule should be planned in the beginning of the traineeship period. You need to keep the form at the notice board of your traineeship placement. All changes to the planned working shifts should be done as soon as possible.
  • Give the completely filled and signed original forms to your own mentoring teacher and copies to the clinical tutor.


During your last weeks in Savonia:

  • make an appointment with International Coordinator and mentoring teacher
  • return all working shift form to your mentoring teacher and clinical tutor



Your clinical tutor and mentoring teacher will evaluate your learning process during the traineeship by using the evaluation forms of your university (if available in English) or below forms of Savonia UAS:

Assessment forms for:

More information

School of Health Care and Social Services
Kuopio campus
Ms Marja Gröhn-Rissanen
International Coordinator
tel. +358 44 785 6407