Study Guide


Curricula starting in 2022 and earlier

Technology, Kuopio
Technology, Varkaus
Design, Kuopio
Business, Kuopio
Music and Dance, Kuopio
Tourism and Hospitality
Social Services and Health Care, Kuopio
Social Services and Health Care, Iisalmi
Natural resources, Iisalmi
Multidisciplinary Studies

Savonia's new Study Guide (curriculum starting in 2023 and after) can be found here.

Basis of Education Competence Standards Structure of Studies Development of Expertise Methods and implementation Course Table

MultiPro 2022, International Study Module for Future Professionals (for exchange students)

Course Table

A = Autumn, S = Spring, SU = Summer
Code Name 1 S 1 A 2 S 2 A 3 S 3 A 4 S 4 A
Basic Studies
Core Studies
4 MPRO101A Orientation 1              
4 MPRO110 Communication Skills 5              
4 MPRO1041 Survival Finnish 3              
4 RAA19KV Research Methodology 3              
Optional Studies
Multidisciplinary Studies
4 LAF032 Food Chain Challenges 5              
4 GRECAKV1 Green Care 5              
Specialised Studies
Agriculture and Rural Industries
4 MPRO1201 Circular Economy in Agriculture 5              
4 RAP061KV Animal Production and Environment 3              
4 RAA04KV Agriculture in Global Context 5              
4 RAA15KV Animal Breeding Practises 3              
4 RAC02KV English for Working Life 5              
4 RMPR1031 Placement 20              
Health Care
4 SAIHCLP Clinical Practise 30              
Social Services
4 SSMUKAKV2 Diversified Upbringing of Children 3              
4 SSPERKV Family Work 5              
4 SSASPEKV Client Work in Social Care 3              
4 SSKESKV12 Developing work community and leadership 3              
4 SSMOHAKV1 Multiprofessional Project Work 3              
4 SSPR1011 Placement 10              


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.