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Curricula starting in 2022 and earlier

Technology, Kuopio
Technology, Varkaus
Design, Kuopio
Business, Kuopio
Music and Dance, Kuopio
Tourism and Hospitality
Social Services and Health Care, Kuopio
Social Services and Health Care, Iisalmi
Natural resources, Iisalmi
Multidisciplinary Studies

Savonia's new Study Guide (curriculum starting in 2023 and after) can be found here.

Basis of Education Competence Standards Structure of Studies Development of Expertise Methods and implementation Course Table

Degree Programme in Dental Hygiene

This curriculum is a translation of the curriculum of the Finnish degree program.

Course Table

A = Autumn, S = Spring, SU = Summer
Code Name 1 A 1 S 1 SU 2 A 2 S 3 A 3 S 4 A 4 S
Orientation Studies
Basic Studies
Joint Studies for Social Services and Health Care
4 STYOP01 Orientation to Social and Health Care Studies 5                
4 STYAS02 Client and professional in social and health care services 5                
4 STYEN02 English in Social and Health Care and Intercultural Communication   5              
4 STYTU02 Study, Insight, Development           5      
4 STYSV02 Swedish Language in Social and Health Care and Customer-oriented Communication           5      
4 STYTY01 Working Life Skills, Wellfare in Work and Entrepreneuship               5  
Professional Studies
Professional Studies
Obligatory Professional Studies
4 TSSUUPE2 Basic Activities in Oral Health Care 5                
4 TSANFY1 Anatomy and Physiology 5                
4 TSSUVA1 Factors Related to Oral Health 5                
4 TSINFEP1 Epidemiology and Ethiology of Oral Infectious Diseases 5                
4 TSGEOR1 General Diseases and Oral Health   5              
4 TSLÄSU1 Medical Treatment in Oral Health Care   5              
4 TSKASU1 Kariological Patient's Oral Heatlh Care   5              
4 TSKASU9 Practice, Cariological Patient's Oral Health Care   5              
4 TSKUKU2 Radiological Examinations of Skull and Rehabilitative Oral Health Care     5            
4 TSPAROT1 Parodontological Oral Heath Care       10          
4 TSORTO1 Ortodontics in Oral Health Care       5          
4 TSISUTE1 Oral Health Care of The Elderly       5          
4 TSLANUO1 Oral Health Care of Children and Adolescent       5          
4 TSOHMAS1 Counselling Customer's Oral Self-care       5          
4 TSSULÄ1 Stomatology for Dental Hygienist         5        
4 TSBEPRA1 Current Best Practises in Oral Health         5        
4 TSPERHE9 Practice, Oral Health Care of Families         15        
4 TSKUNSU9 Practice, Rehabilitative Oral Health Care           10      
4 TSSUER1 Oral Health Care for Patients with Special Needs           5      
4 TSSUER9 Practice, Oral Health Care for Patients with Special Needs             5    
4 TSASLÄHT9 Practice, Customer-oriented Oral Health Care             20    
Optional Professional Studies
4 TSFPUR1 Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Treatment Methods               5  
4 STSYVPÄ1 Advanced cariological oral health care               5  
Final Thesis
Final Thesis
4 SAVONT1 Thesis           15      
   5 SOTEONT10  Thesis Planning           5      
   5 SOTEONT20  Thesis Implementation             5    
   5 SOTEONT30  Thesis Finalisation               5  
   5 SOTEONT40  Maturity Test               0  
4 SAVONT2 Thesis           15      
   5 SOTEONT50  Thesis Project 1           5      
   5 SOTEONT60  Thesis Project 2             5    
   5 SOTEONT70  Finalising The Thesis Projects               5  
   5 SOTEONT80  Maturity Test               0  
Elective Studies
Optional Studies


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.