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EF21SP Bachelor Degree Programme in Information Technology (Internet of Things)

Course Description

Code4 EFA8090
NameSensor Basics
Credits5 cr
Credits in Foreign Language5 cr
ObjectivesThe student knows the principles of the most common sensors and understands their operating principles. He/she is acquainted with the physical effects and mathematical principles related to sensors. The student is able to utilize his/her knowledge in various measurement tasks as well as to design and build new sensor based implementations. He/she has a good overview of instability and terminology related to measurement technology.
Content1. Sensors and transmitters
heat/temperature sensors
pressure sensors
flow sensors
level sensors
mechanical motion (displacement, position, velocity, acceleration) sensors
proximity sensors
RFID sensors

2. Micro- and biosensors
physical sensors
chemical sensors
biological sensors
electrochemical sensors
microfluidics fundamentals

3. Optical sensor basics and applications
optical sensors
image sensors (CCD, CMOS, MCP)

4. Sensor interfaces
sensors in process control
signal processing (filtering and amplifying)
sensor protection
RequirementsStudy module includes theory lectures and practical exercises. The grade composes of final exam (50%) and exercises (50%).
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialLecture material, links to various manufacturer’s web based documents, component data sheets.
Other considerations
ContactToppinen Arto

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