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LI21SP Bachelor Degree Programme in International Business

Development of Expertise

The Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum has been planned so that the degree programme provides the student with the knowledge, skills and competence required in the working life and the studies ensure the development of the student’s professional expertise.

Each student starts planning his/her career path already during the first study year as he/she drafts an individual study plan. This way the student takes responsibility for the progress of his/her studies. Savonia’s teachers and other personnel guide and support the student in defining and achieving the personal goals in the study plan.

The BBA Degree Programme in International Business at Savonia UAS aims at developing focused expertise in foreign trade. To reach this goal, the curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop knowledge gradually, along their study path, from the wide scope of business to the focused knowledge of trade expertise.

Each year has two assigned themes. During the first term of studies the students will cover issues concerning planning and starting a business. This is done by working in cooperation with a partner organisation from the surrounding environment. The students will form teams around SMEs in cooperation with Savonia, and start getting to know the various phases needed for establishing a business.

The second term continues to operating a successful business. The students gain a profound insight into the successful implementation of daily operations of the partner organisation. They will go through team building phases and become familiar with multicultural working teams and methods. The students are also expected to apply business knowledge to practice within the partner organisation and to be able to share their understanding to fellow students. At the end of the year, the students will have a comprehensive understanding of the everyday business operations as a foundation to develop their international trade expertise.

During the second year studies the students will focus on the essential internationalisation skills. First, the students will learn how to use the tools, such as business research, and will understand the functions of international economics. Second, the students will put these skills and understanding into use, again together with local organisations, within the theme of preparing for internationalisation. A real life business internationalisation project dominates the term, supported by studies in business analysis and communication.

The third-year students will focus on adapting business operations to international environment, and on the challenges organisations face due to differences in conducting business. As skills and understanding grow, the students perceive the evaluation and development of international business professionally. By this stage the students' management and leadership skills will grow to meet the demands of international trade expertise.


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