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EI19SP Bachelor Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Course Description

Code4 EIP8010
NameTechnical Drawing
Credits5 cr
Credits in Foreign Language5 cr
ObjectivesThe student knows the basics of technical drawing, projections used in technical drawing, the markings and symbols, part and assembly drawings, parts lists, tolerances in machine design and machine parts modeling and drawing processes. The student also gets an understanding of the different machine construction documents, parts manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings, PI-diagrams, piping and layout drawings. The student gets acquainted with the three-dimensional parametric design tool for creating the assembly and part drawings. The basics in level and space geometry and geometrical constructions are covered.
ContentBasics in technical drawing
Scales, projections, sections views, line widths, texts, dimensioning methods, tolerances, fits, surface and welding symbols, diagrams and bill of materials
Part and assembly drawings and their link to product structures
Taking manufacturing into account when creating technical drawings (welding and milling assembly drawings)
Using a CAD program to create manufacturing drawings
Standards used in technical drawing
Level and space geometry
Geometrical constructions
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialBasic Engineering Drawing, R.S. Rhodes & L.B. Cook
Material handed in Moodle
Other considerations
ContactSuhonen Anssi
Holmlund Eero


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